Mac用景観作成専用CGアプリ。Terragenっぽいアプリのようです。AppStoreで1700円。Mac Updateのセールで半額9.99ドルで購入可能。



TerraRay is an easy-to-use terrain rendering suite made for Mac OS X. Create stunning artwork without learning a complicated and expensive 3D application, TerraRay allows you to create realistic landscape images with just a few clicks while offering many advanced features for you to explore.

What TerraRay offers:
Global illumination rendering engine for highly realistic lighting
Integrated editor for elevation maps including several brushes and filters
Advanced procedural materials including bump mapping and reflection maps
Place custom models in your scenery (trees, buildings, cars etc)
Included model library with scenery objects
3DS Importer for data exchange with other 3D apps and online sources
Many preset materials included
Lighting editor for sun position, additional lights and fine grained control over shadows
Realistic skies including clouds, sun and a night mode
Configureable realistic water (waves, refraction, absorption and reflection)
Flexible grass and vegetation system
Many different render options and presets
On-the-fly preview for all settings
Easy to use interface
TerraRay uses an advanced path tracing renderer to simulate very realistic lighting. The flexible elevation map editor allows you to easily create canyons, islands, beaches, mountains with just a few clicks. Custom materials can be assigned to any part of the terrain using the built-in material editor. Add vegetation and rocks to the scenery and hit the start render button to create stunning images easily!